Mrs Hinch shares product behind her golden tan – and it’s surprisingly affordable

April 1, 2024

Spring has sprung and Mrs Hinch is already ready for the summer with her fabulous tan which she achieves thanks to a fan-favourite product.

The cleaning influencer’s impact extends beyond just household products, as she shares valuable beauty tips on her Instagram as well.

Mrs Hinch‘s preferred self-tanning drops, deliver a faux sun-kissed glow and are an absolute steal as they have been discounted from £15 to just £10 in Asda’s sale.

Describing them as “incredible,” she reaffirmed their status as her go-to for achieving a healthy glow.

She previously rated the product a “ten out of ten,” vouching for its efficacy by using a makeup wipe to reveal her makeup-free radiant complexion after application.

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The bronzing drops have garnered widespread acclaim, not just from Mrs. Hinch, but from countless other shoppers as well.

Thousands of online reviewers have awarded the product with five-star ratings, attesting to its impressive results.

One person commented: “Yes, I was influenced to buy this item. However, so glad I was.

“I’ve tried other fake tan drops before, tried them once and not used them again, because I didn’t like the consistency or smell or result.

“This product has zero smell. I was totally expecting the usual biscuit scent, but no. I was also expecting a sticky texture, but no. The result, I’m really pleased with.”

Another reviewer added: “Personally I’ve been using 2 drops mixed with my usual moisturiser, sometimes daily, sometimes every other day.

“This has given me a subtle colour. I didn’t want to wake up in the morning looking like I’ve fake tanned.

“I wanted a subtle result that I can build on if I wanted to.”

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