Keep flowers fresh for longer with viral 70p household cleaning item, expert hack

March 28, 2024

“The bleach will prevent any harmful bacteria from developing, which can turn the water cloudy and a bit stinky – a clear sign of bacterial growth.

“By adding the bleach, it will ward off the growth of any bacteria, and keep the water looking clear and fresh, which in turn, keeps your flowers healthy.”

He explained that its important to only use a small amount of bleach as it can be “overpowering to the flowers” with it ultimately “killing them” if you use too much.

Denyer continues: “Additionally, it’s important to change the water every couple of days and trim the stems of the flowers, as you usually would, to allow them to absorb water and nutrients effectively.

“This normal care routine alongside the addition of bleach can significantly prolong the life of your bouquet, allowing you to enjoy the flowers for longer.”

The flower expert added that it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore how you would normally care for your blooms.

He added: “Providing your flowers with clean water, a suitable temperature, and adequate sunlight still remains vital for their health and growth and should never be forgotten.”

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