Hear BTS’ J-Hope, Jungkook Team Up on ‘I Wonder’

March 29, 2024


Two members of BTS have joined forces on a new song, “I Wonder.” The track is officially J-Hope’s and finds the rapper teaming up with Jungkook. The track appears on his Hope on the Street Vol. 1 album, which released on Friday.

The tune features a funky, Eighties R&B-influenced backing track, built with Stratocaster-like bluesy guitar licks and thick synths, as the artists sing about all the things they wonder. Throughout the tune, they sing about love, trust, and togetherness, all with a little Autotune. “I wonder, wonder, wonder where we go, ‘cause I want to, want to, want to keep you close,” goes one of the hooks.

J-Hope’s label, HYBE, previously released a statement explaining the idea behind the album and its song, “On the Street.” “The key motif of the track comes from the word ‘street,’ which can be interpreted as a place where many people’s everyday lives pass by — a metaphor for life,” it said. “It comes from ‘street dance,’ the genre that represents J-Hope’s roots as an artist, and it also symbolizes the path that he will continue to take with his fans around the world.”

The release coincides with a new six-part docuseries on Amazon Prime, also titled Hope on the Street, which just premiered. That film focuses on J-Hope’s past as a street dancer; before BTS, he was a member of the dance crew Neuron, and that inspired another song on the album, “Neuron,” which features Gaeko and Yoon Mirae.


“I started with dance, and that dancing led to many other things,” J-Hope said in a trailer for the docuseries. “I’m curious about it. What kind of dancing did I do, and what are my roots? What is the future that I’m dreaming of?”

J-Hope is currently serving active duty in South Korea’s military, having enlisted last April.


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