Hair experts share 4 ‘timeless’ haircuts to make women look younger

April 1, 2024

Woman getting hair cut and shaped

Taking the plunge with a very short style isn’t the only way to look younger (Image: GETTY)

The anti-ageing benefits of a good routine, a , , and plenty of sleep are no secret, but few people think to consider how their plays a role in this.

According to experts, the cut and style of your locks can have a surprisingly powerful impact on your overall appearance.

For women in particular, ageing concerns such as thinning and brittleness are hard to prevent, resulting in hair that looks lacklustre and low in volume.

Luckily, professional hair experts have found a few ways to restore the characteristics of youthful hair by simply changing the cut.

Sharing advice on their blog, experts at Hairatin identified four flattering styles to cheat a  appearance.

Emma Thompson poses with short hair and a textured bob

Emma Thompson has long been an advocate for short, textured hairstyles (Image: GETTY)

Textured pixie cut

When it comes to fine hair, it may sound backwards to even think of cutting it off. But in reality, the textured pixie cut is a top choice.

The Hairatin professionals explained: “This haircut adds a playful and modern touch to your look. This low-maintenance style not only complements thinning hair but also screams confidence and boldness.”

British icon Judi Dench is one of several female celebrities who have worn the trend for years, and at 89 years old, it’s fair to say the style – particularly the more tousled kind – has served her well.

Other famous fans of the texture pixie style include Helen Mirren (78), Emma Thompson (64), and Jamie-Lee Curtis (65).

Helen Mirren poses with a short bob and pixie cut hair style

Helen Mirren, 78, has embraced the platinum hair colour (Image: GETTY)

The classic bob

Taking the plunge with a very short style isn’t the only way to look younger. The classic bob is one haircut that won’t ever go out of fashion.

The Hairatin experts claimed: “A timeless choice, the classic bob is a fantastic option for those with thinning hair because it gives the sense of texture and adds layers to your hair.”

While a bob of any kind – whether it be blunt, asymmetrical or graduated, will make a huge difference to your look, there’s one element that will make or break its anti-ageing effects.

Texturising in the cuts makes all the difference in the world, adding a boost of volume and a clear shape to frame the face. Adding interesting texture gives the illusion of a fuller head of hair, too, so it’s much more flattering in the age department.

Advocates of a textured bob include Emma Thompson (64) and Anne Hathaway (41).

Layered lob

A bob haircut may be the go-to for people looking to make a drastic change, but keeping some of the length won’t go amiss for those with a heart-shaped face.

Speaking to Vogue India, Stevie Holland, senior stylist at SALON64 said: “For those with a heart-shape face, stick to long soft layers such as bobs and lobs to add fullness around the jaw.”

The experts at Hairatin agreed, noting that the layered lob “strikes the perfect balance between long and short”, making it an excellent choice for those with thinning hair and mature complexions. Layers add volume and movement to strands, creating a fuller appearance. Meanwhile, the added fullness around the jaw gives the illusion of a classic “baby-face”, which is the epitome of youth.

Long waves

For those with longer locks who aren’t keen on chopping them off, there is one rule to follow.

According to the experts at Hairatin, lengthy styles can work for mature women as long as there’s plenty of texture. They explained that “soft waves can work wonders” by adding depth and volume to give the illusion of thicker hair.

Not only is this great for disguising any signs of thinness or sparsity, but also cheats a “fuller and more vibrant” appearance, which goes hand-in-hand with looking youthful.

Those with naturally wavy hair can embrace the texture with curl-defining cream and anti-frizz products to define the movement. Anyone seeking to create texture can do so with a flat iron straightener or a low-heat curling iron.

It’s important not to create defined coiled-curls, as this will draw attention to thinner locks.

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