Facebook’s new full-screen video player looks a lot like TikTok

April 3, 2024

Facebook is launching an updated mobile video player that will bring the vertical look made ubiquitous by TikTok and Reels to all of the platform’s video content, Meta announced in a blog post on Wednesday.

Under the new design, Reels, Facebook Live, and longform videos will default to a full-screen portrait-oriented video format. The new video player will debut on iOS and Android in the US and Canada in the next few weeks before launching globally in the months to follow.

Previously, Facebook alternated between multiple formats for its video experience. You might have seen a lengthier video in a horizontal view, for example, while other videos played directly in Facebook’s feed. The updated player will orient to vertical videos automatically but will also include a full-screen option on most horizontal videos — you can just flip your phone to watch it in landscape view.

You can see Facebook’s new video player in action in the GIF below:

Facebook’s new video player will default to vertical videos.

The look and feel of Facebook’s video player will change as well. A slider at the bottom of the player will let users skip to different parts of the video. New controls will allow for pausing and rewinding.

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