Best Bluetooth hearing aids of 2024

June 6, 2024

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These days, there are plenty of quality hearing aids that offer quality of life improvements that go beyond managing hearing loss. With hearing aid technology improving all the time, there’s never been a better time to invest in a new pair of hearing aids. One increasingly important feature that’s worth looking at in many newer models is Bluetooth connectivity, which lets wearers listen to their favorite TV shows, songs, podcasts and more with ease.

With so many brands and hearing aid models to choose from, you might be wondering which offers the best Bluetooth experience. Prescription hearing aids can be custom fit and pre-programmed by an audiologist, for example, while many over-the-counter hearing aids (OTC) tend to be more affordable. One thing that hearing aid brands are working to perfect is seamless Bluetooth compatibility.

Below, we highlight the best Bluetooth hearing aids of 2024 to help you find the perfect pair for you. 

What is the best Bluetooth hearing aid in 2024?

The best Bluetooth hearing aids make it easy to listen to your favorite shows, songs, podcasts and more on the go. If you want hearing aids that rival the latest and greatest wireless headphones, these are the top hearing aid brands of 2024 that should be on your list. 

Check out the best hearing aids for Bluetooth streaming and wireless connectivity below.

Best overall: Jabra Enhance Select 300



One of the best hearing aids you can buy online today is also our top pick for quality Bluetooth hearing aids. The Jabra Enhance Select 300 offers improved sound quality, an impressive battery life and a lightweight design.

With some OTC hearing aids, a common customer complaint you may come across is a flat or distorted sound quality. That’s not the case with Jabra’s smallest hearing aid model to date. This hearing aid rivals most prescription hearing aids, with decent sound boost and exceptional noise filtration features.

The Jabra Enhance Select also offers high-quality Bluetooth streaming for TV, music, podcasts and more. As Jabra’s newest and most impressive model, the Enhance Select does come with a price tag that starts at $1,695.


  • Seamless Bluetooth compatibility that can be managed and adjusted via the Jabra Enhance mobile app.
  • Top-notch sound amplification and background noise reduction features that justify a higher-than-average price tag.


  • High price for OTC hearing aids — check our runner up pick below for a more budget friendly pick from Jabra.

Budget-friendly runner up: Jabra Enhance Plus

Intrigued by Jabra’s impressive hearing aid tech but less interested in paying over $1,500 for a single pair of hearing aids? Consider the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aid: Available for $800, the Plus is our unflinching choice for best OTC hearing aids thanks to a sleek design, 10-hour battery life, crisp speech amplification, and yes — fully compatible Bluetooth connectivity.

Unlike many prescription hearing aids that can cost thousands of dollars a pair, these hearing aids — Jabra’s first OTC model — offer impressive sound quality and features for a great price that’s under $1,000.

Most comfortable fit: Lexie B2 Plus


Lexie via Amazon

Fully in-ear hearing aids can be great for convenience and a truly seamless look, but if you want something that balances comfort with functionality — look no further than the Lexie B2 plus hearing aid. 

Powered by Bose, this OTC hearing aid offers prescription-grade sound quality and audio design without the high prices that typically come with prescription hearing aids.

The sound quality here is exceptional, thanks to sharp background noise cancellation and crisp sound amplification. The design of these hearing aids offers the best of both worlds when it comes to in-ear vs. behind-ear styles: the receiver-in-canal build means all that impressive tech sits in a casing behind your ear while the earbud portion sits snugly in the canal. If you want a hearing aid that won’t get loose or grow uncomfortable after long periods of use, this is the device for you.

You can buy a pair of Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids powered by Bose from Best Buy or Lexie directly today for $999.


  • A comfortable design that isn’t too small for button control nor too big to be comfortable for long periods of use.
  • Exceptional sound quality all around.


  • While the price is low compared to most prescription models, it’s still higher than many of its OTC hearing aid competitors.

Cutting edge tech: Starkey Genesis AI



Launched in February of 2023, the Genesis AI is the latest and greatest hearing aid offering from Starkey. AI, or artificial intelligence, has been powering hearing aid devices since 2018 (with Starkey’s Livio AI hearing aid model).

The Genesis AI hearing aid aims to minimize the number of times you need to make manual adjustments by improving your hearing automatically. This is backed by sound technology that tracks adjustments and gauges incoming sounds in real time. These AI-powered hearing aids then use this information to pick certain listening modes (restaurant mode, TV mode, etc.) or make adjustments on the fly so that you don’t have to. 

Along with features like crisp Bluetooth connectivity, health tracking, and the best battery life we’ve seen yet in our reviews (51 hours on a single charge according to Starkey), this hearing aid already earned its spot on our list. But it’s also the only hearing aid available right now that offers fall detection and language translation services.

This new and innovative hearing aid is available starting at around $2,400 per pair, but prices can vary considerably from one retailer to the next. 


  • Robust sound amplification features make this hearing aid worth the high price tag. 
  • AI-powered “deep neural network” feature learns what sound programs and adjustments you need to offer an easy and automated listening experience.
  • Unmatched battery life that lasts longer than 50 hours on a single charge.


  • Starkey mobile app may be confusing and overwhelming to new users.

Best sound quality: Phonak Audéo Lumity



Hearing aid technology is always improving, and if you want to be at the forefront of it all where all that cutting edge technology is, we recommend the latest flagship hearing aid by Phonak, the Audéo Lumity. This hearing aid has several new and impressive features over the Phonak Audéo Paradise such as patented speech-focused tech for front-facing conversations and improved hearing from the sides and back.

This hearing aid offers seamless Bluetooth integration for both iOS and Android devices, as well as fitness-tracking features like step counts via the MyPhonak mobile app. Couple this with a long-lasting battery charge and high quality sound, and you have a great hearing aid for anyone with moderate to severe hearing loss. 

As a prescription hearing aid, the Phonak Lumity is available in four technology tiers, with more functionalities (and a higher price) tied to higher ones. These include L30 (essential), L50 (standard), L70 (advanced), and L90 (premium). 

Prices start at around $1,800 for the lowest tier, the Lumity L30 hearing aid.


  • Some of the best audio quality we’ve seen, thanks to the latest hearing aid tech for amplifying incoming sounds and conversations.
  • Universal Bluetooth technology that can stream phone calls, music, podcasts and more — and doesn’t lose its connection intermittently like some other budget OTC hearing aids.


  • Some negative customer reviews highlight poor usability with myPhonak mobile app, which may take some getting used to.

Most affordable: Go Hearing Ultra OTC


Go Hearing

Looking for a comfortable behind-the-ear hearing aid that ensures a secure fit all day long? The Go Hearing Ultra OTC hearing aid is another super comfortable hearing aid with Bluetooth capabilities, but that’s not all: It’s also the cheapest hearing aid on our list. 

This wireless hearing aid comes with several standout features besides full Bluetooth streaming capability including hands-free calls and a whopping 20-hour battery life.

Thanks to an included measuring tool, this hearing aid is also easily fitted and configured on your own — no visits to an audiologist or specialist required if you’d prefer a DIY approach.


  • Comfortable and lightweight, especially for behind-the-ear hearing aids, which can sometimes be on the bulkier side.
  • Impressive 20-hour battery life for OTC hearing aids.


  • Sound performance may not be as robust as other hearing aids.
  • No mobile app, so daily adjustments are limited to the device’s buttons.

How we compared the best Bluetooth hearing aids of 2024

For a closer look at how we rate certain products and services, here is what we prioritized while looking at the best hearing aids for wireless connectivity: 

  • Affordability: We looked at plenty of budget-friendly OTC devices to make sure we only highlight the highest-quality hearing aids.
  • Tech features: Alongside the obvious (full Bluetooth streaming capabilities), we paid attention to features like consistent sound quality and crisp noise amplification to make sure we highlight the best of the best. 
  • Sound quality: We looked for important features like deep background noise cancellation and crisp speech amplification.
  • Customer reviews: All of our hearing devices hold a four-star review or higher from happy customers just like you.
  • Comfort: We paid attention to the design, shape, and fit of each hearing aid to ensure only the most comfortable hearing aids made the list.

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